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Dr Swapnil Bhanushali

a month ago

Dr. Bhanushali is an authentic ayurvedic Practitioner.

He doesn't treats you only but also explain the root causes. He also helps you to correct your lifestyle and diet to balance vata, pitta and kaffa..

3 months ago

Dr. Bhanushali in my view has a very thorough knowledge of Ayurveda.

He also keeps updating himself with more information as per the situations he sees around himself. I have felt much better after getting treated by him. I am a diabetic of last 25yrs and have been treated by many doctors be it allopathy homeopathy or ayurveda, by far i have found Dr. Bhanushalis treatment both effective and soulful. I highly recommend his treatment and also his advice👍😎.

4 months ago

Underwent पंचकर्म at this place and immensly benefitted from it

. Dr. Bhanushali not only guides on medicines and precuations, he also guides on spiritual aspects. Keep up the good work doctor....

14 months ago

Very humble and very good heart person.. his treatment is d best and 100% curable

a months ago

A genuine medical practitioner and above all a great human being.

Understands you ailment promptly and prescribes the best suited cure for your body. We had a satisfying experience in a weeks time though other doctors made us run pillars to post for months together for same ailment.

a year ago

Dr. Swapnil....

is a very nice doctor who not only treats his patients with his medications but also does lots of research and find out the best possible way to cure his patients... Through his health mantras a person can find the best track for a happy and healthy life.

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